7 WordPress Themes For Bloggers


A WordPress theme is a folder of files that determines what your blog or website will look like. It deals with the design and appearance of your blog. It also has to do with the color, layout, as well as other elements of website design.

WordPress theme determines how the information will be displayed to your visitor. That is why you must choose the right theme for your blog.

Your theme should be attractive and appealing to your visitors. Although WordPress always comes with a default theme, you can always change your theme to suit your taste.

With this brief definition of a WordPress theme, you should know that it is ideal for bloggers. If you just starting your blogging career, there are free WordPress themes to help you create a responsive, fast, and secure blog. You don’t need a budget or pay for a WordPress theme at this stage.

In this article, I will list the top seven free WordPress themes suitable for bloggers. Don’t know what is WordPress? Click here!

Ready? Let’s ride!

1. Astra

Astra is a top free WordPress theme. It is a beautiful, attractive, and customizable theme. It comes with many wonderful features. Blogs, portfolios, businesses, and online stores can use this WordPress theme. Astra is extremely lightweight ( loads in less than 5 seconds) and it is very fast.

This popular WordPress theme differentiates itself from other themes with features that work flawlessly with all WordPress page builders Like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Gutenberg, and WPBakery Page Builder (formerly known as Visual Composer), SiteOrigin, Divi Builder, etc.

Astra saves users the stress of building a website from the scratch. This WordPress theme has a Starter site system that helps users to import a complete website design with a click. This system mandates that you use any of these four-page builders which are Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg to import a complete website.

When you use Astra as your WordPress theme, it has an open-source that gives you easy entry to examine the coding. It offers the most popular e-commerce plugin among many other plugins. Also, the Astra theme is translation ready. So don’t worry about translation for visitors to your website.


Downloads: 1,000,000+

Notable features: SEO-friendly, WooCommerce Ready, translation-ready

Rating: 5 star

2. OceanWP

OceanWP is an excellent WordPress theme for bloggers. This theme can load a website very fast. It is suitable for blogs, portfolios, businesses, and online stores. It provides a professional design for your website. OceanWP also supports plugins and popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Visual Composer, Divi, etc.

OceanWP has an outstanding WooCommerce feature for higher conversion rates and one of the best SEO features for higher ranking on Google searches. Also, it offers features like high speed, translation ready,

In addition, this WordPress theme is compatible with mobile devices. Users can perform simple tasks in the theme settings with their mobile devices. Developers can work on the coding of this theme to customize and extend the functions. Generally, OceanWP is a multipurpose WordPress theme.


Downloads: 700,000+

Notable features: Professional design, high speed, translation ready, SEO practices, unique WooCommerce

Rating: 5 star

3. ColorMag

ColourMag is another wonderful WordPress theme for bloggers that is free to use. And definitely can be used for any kind of website like blogs, business, newspapers, and magazines to name a few. It is easy to use and doesn’t require much technical know-how to operate and customize this theme.

ColorMag comes with a beautiful and professional design that makes your blog stand out and you gain more audience. This theme is also a magazine-style WordPress theme. Bloggers can make use of ColorMag as a multipurpose theme.

In addition, this theme doesn’t only have a professional design for your site, it has a feature of social options that can connect your social media accounts to your website. You can also customize your page’s color and layout.


Downloads: 100,000+

Notable features: unique and magazine-style design, social media integration, custom widgets

Rating: 5 star

4. BlogSen

BlogSen is also among the top free WordPress themes for bloggers. A theme like this comes with amazing features and a simple design for your website. BlogSen is compatible with different kinds of blogs which include travel journals, personal blogs, and food blogs to name a few.

This theme also looks good on all mobile devices and maintains the quality design being a mobile-friendly theme. It offers easy customization features making users be able to edit the theme to the specifications and design that is related to their website content.


Downloads: 100+

Notable features: mobile-friendly, two-column layout, easy customization

Rating: 5 star

5. Spacious

A Spacious WordPress theme is among the top themes for bloggers. As the name implies it is astonishingly spacious. According to WordPress.org- Spacious is an incredibly spacious multipurpose responsive theme coded & designed with a lot of care and love.

This WordPress theme has a high performance that gives your website fast speed to load in less than a second. It offers good SEO for higher ranking and more traffic which is beneficial for bloggers. Also, Spacious can easily be customized to your suit website needs. And if you want to use your blogging site to make more money, Spacious is there for you.

Spacious is compatible with WooCommerce, to help you set up an online store. It is compatible with page builders too. Considering these amazing features of Spacious, it is a multipurpose WordPress theme.


Downloads: 50,000+

Notable features: WooCommerce compatible, easy customization, page builder integration

Rating: 5 star

6. Hueman

Hueman is another free WordPress theme that is fast loading and suitable for bloggers as it is among the top-rated theme for blogs and magazines on WordPress.org. This free theme is easy to use and it looks good on mobile devices. According to Google, Hueman WordPress theme is 100% mobile-friendly.

The fast speed of this theme helps you get more audience and boost your website traffic. Also, Hueman has a reputable and outstanding layout that makes it compatible with all kinds of websites or blogs.


Downloads: 40,000+

Notable features: mobile-friendly, multiple layout options, flexible design

Rating: 5

7. Zita

Zita is also another top free WordPress theme for bloggers. It is very fast and can be easily customized by users. Zita is an Elementor theme. As a very popular theme, it is suitable for building many kinds of websites like blogs, online stores, car workshops, digital marketing, and many more.

Zita supports most of the popular page builders such as Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, Divi, etc. Let’s not forget the amazing features of this theme. Zita features include WooCommerce integration, translation-ready, mobile-friendly, fully responsive, user-friendly, good SEO, etc.


Downloads: 3,000+

Notable features: WooCommerce ready, translation ready, mobile and user-friendly

Rating: 5 star


A lot has been said in this article starting from the meaning and definition of a WordPress theme to the top 7 free themes for bloggers. We also talked about the theme statistics that is, the number of downloads, notable features, and the rating to give you a glimpse of how popular each of the themes listed above is and convincing reasons for you to consider using any of the WordPress themes listed above.

So what are you waiting for? Go try out any of the top free WordPress themes that are suitable for your blogging need and enjoy great rewards/profits.