How To Increase Your Freelance Income


Freelancing is exciting. No doubt! But, a lot of people opt into freelancing with the notion that is a get-rich-quick scheme. Apparently, the beginning phase of a freelancer is not always as easy as most make it seem.

Those results you see that spark up zeal to start freelancing are a combination of hard work, dedication, diligence, consistency, and time investment. The more successful you are the more people want to work with you and the more you want to increase your freelance income. In every business or establishment, there are things to take note of – kind of dos and donts.

In this article, I will highlight ten simple but powerful things to take note as a freelancer. Following these will help you adapt quickly and increase your freelance income in 2022.

Before we get started, click here to know who a freelancer is. Already a freelancer? Check out my previous post on the top freelancing platforms to monetize your skills. Are you ready? Let’s roll!

1. Be specific about the services that you offer

The first tip to increasing your freelance income is to be specific about the service you offer. Try not to be “Jack of all trade and master of none“. Know your skills and focus on services related to it. If you don’t have a skill and are looking for what to learn, try brainstorming. What is your passion and what do you like? I recommend you offer something in between.

If you already have a skill and want to diversify into another skill or niche, ensure that you have already gained mastery of that skill/service before you move on to the next. As a Freelancer, you want to be confident of the services that you offer. You also want to make your clients understand that you can deliver the services you have posted at a 100% rate.

2. Be professional

A professional freelancer don’t sound like a 17-year old boy looking for some bucks. Successful freelancers use the most professional words to describe services and how they are rendered. You should have good communication skills and must have regards for your clients.

In the event of an argument, a professional freelancer keeps their client cool. Patience is crucial in the freelancing world; it helps you win your clients, gain their trust, and retain them over and over again.

3. Make your services simple

Another way to increase your freelance income is to avoid creating complicated gig descriptions. Your customers are not too patient to go through rigorous steps or read lengthy journals before they place an order. Everything about your service should be focused on trying to make your clients choose you.

You want to look sound professional at the same time. It may sound complicated to achieve this but it’s quite easy. Start by making your gig description easy to read. Include samples of your previous works for potential clients to see.

4. Create a portfolio

Portfolio is an important tool for every freelancer. A typical portfolio showcases a freelancer’s level of education, skills, services, and experience. This tells your clients what you do and how much they can trust you to deliver 100% unique services. Clients want to see what you can do and how well you can do them. Portfolio is your best bet to show them! Behance and Dribbble are top portfolio platforms to showcase your work.

5. Be real, no fake

Don’t build fake profiles, be real! Having a fake profile only limits what you can do as a freelancer. Your services guarantee how well you get jobs, not your face. Some clients only like to give freelancers they are sure are real jobs. I’m sure you want to be listed among these set of freelancers.

6. Learn to be accommodating

Some Buying clients don’t know how to describe exactly want they want. These kinds of Clients contacts Freelancers with the hope of them understanding their specific needs and delivering 100%. As a freelancer, when dealing with these set of Clients, you want to be patient to understand what they need. In the end, you might even be able to give them better options. So, don’t be rude or impatient – you might just chase a client who would pay you thousands of dollars in the long run.

7. Create a time format/have a calendar

Freelancers work with time. Thus, you have to be aware that early delivery is always a primary objective for any professional freelancer. Sometimes, for legitimate reasons, you may slack on a few jobs due either due to bulk orders or other personal reasons that needs attention. With a calendar or a time table for your orders, you’ll be able to stay ahead and know what order is priority. Google Calendar and Calendly are top calendar platforms to get acquainted with.

8. Get freelancing kits

Like we stated in our previous post, there are tools needed for every business. From analytics to images apps, videos to scheduling apps, social media to email marketing apps, every professional freelancer ought to have a kit that will help organize and make work easier. For every freelance service, there are different kits. The more kits a freelancer can get, the easier the job gets. We have compiled a list of kits needed to freelance.

9. Earn good reviews

Client reviews form the back-bone of a successful freelancer. What keeps new clients coming is the kind of reviews you have on your profile. Bad reviews mean little or no new/returning clients. Alternatively, good reviews imply more and returning clients. Check out our post on how to get positive reviews as a freelancer.

10. Don’t always spend all your earnings

This is basically what every beginner does. Try not to spend all your profit, rather invest on yourself. You can upgrade from free tools to premium tools or buy professional courses on the service you render so as to gain more knowledge.

Remember, no such thing as “too many knowledge”. In the online world today, many freelancers hire other freelancers to get the job done. This is called “outsourcing“. In this case, you may need to reserve certain amount to money for certain services while you focus on other things.


There you go! I have listed ten actionable tips to increase your freelance income. Compliment these with hard work and top-quality services and see your revenue skyrocket. As a freelancer who is aspiring to succeed, these should be on your checklist. Remember, being successful never comes easy, even for a freelancer. You need principles, hard work, and a little bit of patience. I wish you the best.

We hope you find this article helpful. Which tip did you find the most interesting? Let me know in the comment section below. You may also click here to see other amazing tips on how to succeed as a freelancer.

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